Aerobics Classes at Prescott Lakes

AQUA STRETCH AND RANGE OF MOTION: This class was developed for those who need gentle, low impact exercise. The focus is on moving every joint in the body, increasing range of motion, flexibility and strength.  Balance improving exercises are also included. You do not need to know how to swim to participate. AQUA FUSION: Same as stretch plus includes a meditation and creative imagery component. 

AQUA FIT: Aqua Fit is a fun way to increase heart rate and tone muscles without impacting joints. It promotes strength & endurance utilizing        buoyancy and water resistance. Buoys, noodles, paddles, elastic bands and ½ logs are used to improve muscle and core strength. 

BARRE: This class is a low impact, full-body workout blend of ballet, Pilates and Yoga movements that will improve posture, aid weight loss, increase flexibility and create long, lean and more defined muscles. Participants will use a ballet barre or chair to balance while performing small isometric              movements aimed at working a specific set of muscles. Bodyweight or props such as light hand weights, mats, resistance bands and small rubber balls may be incorporated. The goal is to fatigue the muscles with high reps and minimal range of motion exercises while paying close attention to posture and body alignment followed by static stretches. Participants may choose to wear “grippy” socks or go barefoot. Dance experience is not required.  

BEAT TO BEAT: A dance fusion based class where you can experience the joy of moving to music while improving your fitness and burning 300-500 calories. Beat To Beat is designed for all fitness levels you are a new or an experienced dancer!  

B.O.A.S.T ON THE BALL OR  CHAIR: This class focuses on balance, overload, aerobic fitness, stability and toning muscles. Using a chair OR the stability ball, you can strengthen your core through various exercises. Holding challenging positions and fully stretching large muscle groups also part of class. 

CARDIO DANCE AND TONE: Cardio Dance & Tone is a program created to combine cardio and toning for a complete fat burning workout. This class combines easy to follow cardio dance moves with interval plyometrics for a total body burn. This interval format uses high intensity dance moves followed by slower controlled weight training, while jamming to the latest pop, hip hop, 80’s, 90’s and dance music.   

GENTLE /RESTORATIVE STRETCH: Students use props for support to focus on opening the body from head to toe. In this class, emphasis is on safe alignment, stretching, breathing techniques, and basic standing poses (using the chairs for support if needed) to enhance balance and core strengthening. Gentle Stretch is ideal for all ages and fitness abilities, minor injuries, physical limitations or if you just want to move in a relaxed and gentle way. Restorative: Includes functional moves with simple, held positions. Emphasis on releasing tight hips, low back and hamstrings.              Everyone is Welcome!!!  

INTERVAL EXPRESS: Start your morning with a high intensity cardio class that only lasts 40 minutes.   This express class uses Tabatas, interval training and other HIIT techniques to increase strength and endurance.   Members can easily fit this class into their busy morning schedule and feel great for the rest of the day!  GET IN, GET A GREAT WORKOUT, GET OUT in 40 minutes! 

POWER PUMP: Power Pump is a low impact workout that utilizes weight lifting techniques choreographed to music It incorporates weight training principles that target all the major muscle groups to improve muscular strength and endurance.  Modifications can be made for members with joint or muscle issues. 

TAI CHI: Tai Chi  is an Ancient Chinese system of exercise. It can be described as a healing art form that entails breathing exercises integrated with physical postures, mental relaxation and meditative breathing. Tai Chi has tremendous health benefits, but is also used for energy cultivation and peace of mind.

TRANSFORM AND BE STRONG: This is a comprehensive weight class where every muscle group will be worked. Lunge, squat, curl, push-up, and plank your way through this dynamic workout. 

Qi GONG/YOGA: Qi Gong consists of a series of simple movements and mindful breathing to improve balance, energy and overall health, while Yoga stretches and strengthens the muscles while focusing on the breath. Practiced together, these healing arts are remarkably successful in rejuvenating the body and mind. They will improve and enhance mental, physical and emotional well-being. Participants can expect to improve balance and stability, increase flexibility and muscular strength, reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, reduce the risk of developing dementia, reduce the risk of falls and improve bone density, sleep quality and overall well-being. 

YOGA/GENTLE YOGA: Yoga was developed in India and passed down through many. It is a practical tool for physical, mental and emotional                  well-being. Yoga includes exercises that promote breathing, stretching, balance, increased energy, stress reduction and relaxation. This class is a safe and gentle option suitable for all levels.  

ZUMBA/GOLD/ZUMBA TONING: Zumba is a Latin dance derivative of traditional aerobics with a moderate cardio workout level.  This class is choreographed with various dance music, which makes it fun to work out! ZUMBA TONING – the same fun class with some segments                          incorporating light weights.