2019 Hike Schedule

Easter Island Trail


Monday, January 21-1pm

Sundog Trail @69

(out & back)

Wednesday, February 13-1pm

Ranch Trail 62 from Lynx

(out & back)

Thursday, March 21-10am

The Big Juniper

(aka The Hot Shot Tree)

Tuesday, April 23-10am

Cayuse 349-350-351

(moderate loop)

Friday, May 17-9am

Charcoal Kiln


Tuesday, June 18-7am

Smith Ravine #297

(out & back)

Thursday, July 18-7am

Trails 366-9401J-327-51-9707

Friday, August 23-7am

Flume Trail

Tuesday, September 24-8am

Badger Mtn. to 69

(out & back)

Friday, October 18-9am

Watson Lake Loop

(moderately challenging)

Wednesday, November 20-11am

Lynx Lake Ruins


Monday, December 16-11am

Please remember these are hikes and not leisurely walks. All participants attending these hikes do so at their own risk. Participants are encouraged to check with their doctor prior to participating.